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Creative Arts Therapists

Do What You Love

If you have been struggling with your own arts therapy practice and find that you spend too much time taking care of business instead of taking care of people, join us at Evolution Creative Arts Therapies.

If you’re spending time on tasks you hate like invoicing and bookkeeping, setting up service agreements, boring administrative tasks, and all the marketing that goes into attracting new clients when you’d rather be delivering therapy, get in touch. We’d love to talk to you about working with us.

Feel professionally supported

When you join our team you will be supported to find flow and ease in working with clients.  At Evolution Creative Arts Therapies we are revolutionising mental health though the implementation of Therapy Dynamics an innovative psychometric tool for therapists. When you become part of our team you will thrive in a supportive environment dedicated to your wellbeing and professional growth. At Evolution Creative Arts Therapies we provide opportunities for professional development and ongoing supervision.

Grow your skills and unleash your creative potential with Evolution Creative Arts Therapies, where comprehensive mentorship and peer support fuel your professional journey.

Join our team and discover the transformative power of community!

Make an Impact

At Evolution Creative Arts Therapies you are not just a therapist you are a pioneer. Contribute to cutting edge research and push the boundaries of creative arts therapies within a supportive, collaborative team. At Evolution Creative Arts Therapies you will grow alongside experienced and dynamic senior therapists Nyrelle Bade and Svetlana Bykovec, as you contribute to meaningful impact through innovative, strength based therapy.

Join Evolution Creative Arts Therapies and be part of a collective effort to make a lasting difference in the world, one brushstroke, one melody, one story at a time. Forge your path and fuel transformations: discover a workplace where your therapeutic skills play a pivotal role in shaping the future of creative arts therapies and its impact on lives.

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Revolutionising Mental Health

Therapy Dynamics

At Evolution Creative Arts Therapies we are dedicated to revolutionising mental health through the transformative power of Therapy Dynamics. With this innovative assessment, we aim to address the mental health crisis and empower clinicians with tools that reduce burn out and enhance client outcomes. At Evolution Creative Arts Therapies  we are constantly innovating to personalise and enhance our clients therapeutic journeys and the wellbeing of our team.

Therapy Dynamics anchors therapy in the unique profiles of clients and therapists, maximising positive mental health outcomes.  Our ultimate goal is not only to transform the lives of therapists but also the lives of the clients they serve.

Therapy Dynamics mission is to revolutionise the field of therapy to an unprecedented level.

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