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Rosanne Razon (Maika), AThR

Creative Arts Therapist (Dance and Movement)

Works with

  • Kids
  • Teens
  • Young adults
  • Adults
  • Individual and groups
  • Elderly adults
  • School groups


  • Anxiety
  • ASD
  • Depression
  • Disability
  • Dementia

About Maika

From a young age, Maika has been fascinated by the way movement can mirror emotions and tell stories that words sometimes cannot.

Maika’s therapeutic approach is deeply anchored in her conviction that art, music, and movement are not merely forms of expression but are foundational tools for profound social, emotional and psychological growth and wellbeing. This belief has shaped her unique approach to therapy, where art, dance and movement are not just activities but vital communication languages that bridge the internal world of feelings and the external reality of behaviour.

Her experience initially focused on children and the elderly, populations that often use non-verbal communication more extensively. With children, Maika utilized dance to help them express complex emotions in a safe and playful environment. With the elderly, movement therapy served as a gentle yet effective tool for maintaining mental, social and physical agility, helping them articulate their memories and emotions through rhythmic and structured activities.

Now at Evolution Creative Arts Therapies, Maika is eager to extend this approach to a broader demographic, facilitating sessions for teens, young adults, and adults. Whether in individual therapy or group sessions, she employs visual arts, dance or movement to create a dynamic space where clients can explore and enhance their emotional, social and mental well-being. Through this innovative melding of dance, creative arts therapies and psychology, Maika not only aids her clients in expressing their deepest feelings and thoughts but also supports them in building capacity to be more resilient.


  • Master of Creative Arts Therapy (specialisation in Dance Movement Therapy) University of Melbourne,
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, De La Salle University, Philipines

Accredited professional member of ANZACATA