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Our Impact

Committed to Positive Impact, Extending Beyond Borders

At Evolution Creative Arts Therapies, our mission extends far beyond our local community. We are dedicated to supporting individuals of all ages facing life’s challenges in developing their social-emotional skills and transcending limitations by igniting joy and transforming lives through creative arts therapies. We do this because we believe in creating a world where self expression is celebrated, joy is encouraged, and change is possible.

We take immense pride in our partnership with B1G1, a global giving initiative that shares our commitment to making a positive impact. Through this collaboration, we’ve expanded our reach beyond the transformative work we do with our clients, creating a ripple effect of positive change in the world.

Alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Our partnership with B1G1 is deeply rooted in the principles of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, focusing on healing, creative arts, and wellbeing. By aligning our impact giving with these goals, we are contributing to a brighter, more equitable future

  • Good Health and Wellbeing: We promote good health and wellbeing through creative arts therapies, allowing individuals to explore full self expression and grow beyond limitations. Our approach supports mental, emotional, social and physical health, empowering individuals to reach their potential.”.
  • Quality Education: We believe in the educational power of creative arts therapies, fostering embodied learning, self-expression, and personal growth. Through our programs, individuals of all ages gain essential life skills, enhancing their self-esteem and unlocking their creative potential.
  • Reduced Inequalities: Our commitment to reducing inequalities is unwavering. We break down barriers, ensuring that marginalised communities and those facing life challenges can access creative arts therapy. Our local community programs, empower everyone to benefit from the healing and transformational potential of creative expression.

Together with B1G1, we are creating a world where joy is ignited, lives are transformed, and positive change ripples throughout our global community. Through the healing power of creative arts, we envision a future where social-emotional skills flourish, limitations dissolve, and the pursuit of wellbeing becomes a shared journey.

Thank you for joining us on this transformative path!

“Having gone through a major life changing experience recently that completely changed my life, a health professional strongly recommended I attend this group. I begrudgingly attended.  I can honestly say after two hours of arts therapy in the support group with Nyrelle, I saw a massive shift in my thinking and my feelings! This has been a huge turning point for me in my recovery.”

– Debbie