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1:1 Creative play and Arts therapy for kids

We use creative arts therapy to help kids improve their ability to learn and process information. They learn how to manage and express their feelings in a healthy way, which leads to better relationships with their family, peers, and social groups. Our program increases their self-awareness and builds their confidence and self-esteem.

We help kids experiencing anxiety, stress, and with autism or ADHD, or who are lashing out in anger. We work with children who have experienced trauma and violence. We help kids develop their ability to understand their emotions and the ways in which they communicate. This includes not just how they express themselves, but the way in which they receive and process all communication.

We’re a registered NDIS provider. If your child has an NDIS plan, we can tailor a 1:1 individual program to help them improve their mental health and wellbeing.

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1:1 Arts therapy for teenagers

Through arts therapies, teenagers experiencing stress, anxiety, and depression can improve their ability to learn and process information. They learn how to regulate their emotions, which can lead to improved relationships with their family and peers. We use the creative arts to help teens express their feelings and experiences so they can better understand and adjust their behaviours towards themselves and others. This leads to improved confidence, mental health and wellbeing.

For teens who have experienced trauma and violence, they might find it difficult to express their feelings through talk-based therapy. Creative arts therapies give them the chance to communicate through the arts and creativity. As a result, their confidence, self-awareness, and emotional expression increases.

We offer 1:1 individual arts therapy for teenagers aged 13 to 17. The focus of each session is on creating a project or self-expression through art.

We’re a registered NDIS provider. If your teen has an NDIS plan, arts therapy meets NDIS goals for capacity building and skill development.

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1:1 Arts therapy for adults

Some people find talk-based therapy difficult, especially when therapy centres around a traumatic or violent experience. The arts provide us with an easier and more accessible way to express how we’re feeling. Our expression supports how we think, understand and process information. It helps us develop healthier behaviours in the relationships we have with ourselves and others.

Communicating through the creative arts leads to a release of positive hormones, which help us feel better about ourselves and our situation. Creative arts therapy improves our mental health and wellbeing.

We offer 1:1 individual arts therapy sessions for adults with a current NDIS plan. Our arts therapy sessions focus on your NDIS goals.

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1:1 Parent skill building sessions

When a child is supported in the home between arts therapy sessions, their progress is amplified. We offer online, 1:1 sessions to help parents develop the practical skills they need to maintain therapeutic change between their child’s arts therapy sessions. We tailor these sessions to you and your child’s individual needs. Parents who build these skills find that their child gets greater benefits from their arts therapy sessions, more efficiently.

Each session covers:

  • therapeutic micro skills
  • creative activities
  • art therapy interventions
  • how to create change from the inside out.

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1:1 Pretend Play program

The Learn to Play program helps children develop spontaneous pretend play skills. This is a 10-session program that assesses and targets your child’s play development skills. These skills are linked with language, narrative skills, social skills, problem solving, self-regulation, creativity and social understanding.

This intervention is aimed at kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and kids who have a learning disability or who struggle to play with their peers.

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