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Mission Statement:

At Evolution Creative Arts Therapies, our mission is to ignite joy and transform lives through the transformative power of creative arts therapies.


At Evolution Creative Arts Therapies we believe in

Making therapeutic change through arts therapies and creative play

At Evolution Creative Arts Therapies, we’ve created a much-needed space in Melbourne’s west to support and improve the mental health and wellbeing of kids, teens, adults, and communities through our arts therapy programs.


Arts therapy is not about making pretty pictures. It’s about using the arts and a person’s creativity to reduce stress, anxiety and depression while increasing a person’s ability to build healthy, meaningful relationships and better interact with the world around us.

Kids and teenagers and therapeutic change

Through creative play for kids and arts therapy for teenagers, they improve their ability to learn and process information. They learn how to manage and express their feelings in a healthy way, which leads to better relationships with their family, peers, and social groups. Arts therapy helps builds their confidence and self-esteem.

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“It’s not about learning to be a good artist, picking up a paintbrush, or just having fun. We help people of all ages experience the benefits of therapeutic change through the arts.”

Nyrelle Bade, Founder

Arts therapy as treatment

Early in her career as a therapist, Evolution Creative Arts Therapies’ founder, Nyrelle Bade, discovered the positive outcomes of arts therapy after working with some very complex cases. She saw kids, teens, and adults thrive under an arts therapy program when other therapeutic and talking-based treatments hadn’t delivered the results they were striving for.


Arts therapy gives people the chance to use their body to create something meaningful. The process of creating something can give a person a sense of vitality that wasn’t there before. People can express their emotions in a way they can’t through therapy that is purely talk-based.  During arts therapy, we talk about and reflect on what they created. Creating art and talking use different parts of our brain, and this can lead to better therapeutic results, sooner, especially for complex cases.

After working as an arts therapist for more than a decade, Nyrelle realised her vision to build a creative arts therapy clinical practice in Werribee.


It wasn’t long before Nyrelle started attracting other highly qualified and experienced arts therapists to work under our Evolution Creative Arts Therapies banner. Her vision was to give the community greater choice so each person can work with the therapist who is the best fit for their situation.


While art classes are plentiful in the Wyndham and Hobson’s Bay region, there’s nothing quite like our practice with its clinical focus. We use the arts in therapy to improve the mental health and wellbeing of the people who join our programs.

Who we help through arts therapy

Everyone has the potential to grow and flourish—kids, teenagers, and adults—regardless of their background, life experience or disability. Using arts therapy, our therapists encourage and support that growth.


We offer a range of programs for kids, teenagers, and adults.

How we deliver our arts therapy programs

We’re flexible. Our team of arts therapists design and deliver tailored arts therapy programs in 1:1 individual sessions, group sessions, and via online workshops. We deliver our programs at our practice in Werribee or via TeleHealth. We deliver outreach programs to schools. Our therapists deliver 1:1 programs in homes for NDIS participants who cannot travel because of their disability or medical condition.


We use a range of creative arts therapies—from visual arts, music and drama to play, sand play, and sensory art and movement.


Through our intake process, we do an initial assessment. Because our therapists have a clinical background, we can review a person’s medical and therapeutic history to help us tailor a unique program.


After we deliver the program, we follow up with another assessment. For NDIS participants or if requested, that assessment is accompanied by a report that outlines what we did and the therapeutic results.

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We’re NDIS registered

We’re a registered NDIS provider. If you have an approved NDIS plan, we can tailor a program to help you reach your goals.

We recognise that meaningful and long-term change can take time. Our assessment and reporting process helps make it easier to set and monitor short, medium and longer-term goals and secure further funding to help a person progress towards those goals.

Our provider number is 4050000894

Our Team

Nyrelle Bade, AThR

Founder and Senior Arts Therapist

Master of Arts Therapy (by Research)

Nyrelle has created a space in Melbourne’s west dedicated to providing creative arts therapies to support the mental health and wellbeing of the communities of Wyndham and Hobsons Bay.

Nyrelle is an arts therapist with a diverse therapeutic tool kit. She specialises in working with children who have low play skills, and teens and adults who have experienced complex trauma.

She is also a somatic experiencing practitioner. Integral somatic psychology, sand play, clay field therapy, and therapeutic touch are a part of her practice.

Using a mixed therapeutic style that reflects the diverse areas of therapy she has trained in, Nyrelle incorporates creativity, embodiment, and education into her approach. She helps those she treats to better understand their mental health condition.

Nyrelle is a ANZACATA and ACA approved supervisor.

She is a registered NDIS provider.

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Svetlana Bykovec, AThR

Team Leader, Senior Creative Arts Therapist

With over a decade of experience, Svetlana is a highly skilled mental health practitioner, registered supervisor and team leader who has worked within schools, hospitals, hospices, organisations, as well as 1:1 work with clients. She is passionate about supporting diverse client populations and has worked for many years with children and adolescents with life limiting conditions.

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Kin Cho Chan, RDT, AThR

Drama Therapist (Creative Arts Therapist), Psychodramatist

After a decade of professional performing arts experience, Kin received further training in drama education (Griffith University), drama therapy (NATDA, US), and psychodrama psychotherapy (BPA, UK). He integrated the creative arts into his work with toddlers, children, adolescents, adults, and families and provided trauma-informed treatment and strength-based counseling. He had a few years of full-time work experience working with trauma treatment and parent-child relationship enhancement services in Hong Kong. Kin speaks Cantonese, Mandarin, and English and is keen to support children’s and their families’ mental, relational, and emotional health through early childhood education, dramatic play, creative arts, and trauma therapy.

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Julia Kok, AThR

Creative Arts Therapist (Drama Therapist)

Julia’s background as a trained actor informs her therapeutic approach where she uses the creative arts to explore different perspectives, discover personalised coping strategies and develop real-life problem-solving skills.

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Rosanne Razon (Maika), AThR

Creative Arts Therapist (Dance and Movement)

From a young age, Maika has been fascinated by the way movement can mirror emotions and tell stories that words sometimes cannot.

Maika’s therapeutic approach is deeply anchored in her conviction that art, music, and movement are not merely forms of expression but are foundational tools for profound social, emotional and psychological growth and wellbeing. This belief has shaped her unique approach to therapy, where art, dance and movement are not just activities but vital communication languages that bridge the internal world of feelings and the external reality of behaviour.

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