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The Australian Burden of Disease study 2015 has ranked Anxiety the disease with the third highest disease burden. The symptoms of anxiety can manifest in early childhood. Children start displaying signs of anxiety in their early childhood development phase. There can be underlying causes to the symptoms of anxiety. If anxiety is left untreated, it can seriously affect daily life, restrict usual routines and eventually become debilitating. Symptoms that accompany anxiety can include: a racing heart or rapid pulse, constriction in the upper chest area, tight jaw, intense fear, immobility or fidgety body movements.

Common triggers for anxiety can include: e.g. external triggers – transitions (bedtime, going to school/work), new or unfamiliar environments, dentist or medical appointments, internal triggers – muscle constriction, heaviness in the chest.

Anxiety disorders in children, teens and adults can be treated utilising arts therapy. We take a strength based approach and use therapeutic play (for children) and various art materials and creative methods to address the core issue of the anxiety. As the core issue is addressed through these means, we teach art and body based strategies to further reduce and build capacity to manage the symptoms of anxiety at home.

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