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Maddy #1

1.I’ve been attending arts therapy for about 10 weeks now.
2. I first came across arts therapy when my mum suggested it after hearing about it form a friend.
3. I was looking for therapy to address my issues with my self-esteem and depression.
4. My Art Therapist was Maddy.
5. How did you find your Art Therapist in your sessions?
I found Maddy to be a great listener, and I’ve come to recognize her as a safe space for me to express my feelings honestly as well as my artistic abilities, due to her positive nature and general kindness.
6. How likely would you recommend Art Therapy with Maddy?
I would absolutely recommend Maddy to any of my friends, whether they are artistically inclined or not, if they needed any help with understanding or getting help with their emotions.
7. It’s been a long but fun journey and the results have been great. I feel like I have grown greatly over the past 10 weeks, and I am happy to have physical evidence of my progress in the form of the artwork I’ve produced in the hour-long sessions.
8.How has attending Art Therapy made you feel? I feel safer in my every-day environments, and like I have the tools necessary to ground myself when I need to.
I’m so grateful for the help I’ve received from Maddy and for the skills I have learnt in Art
Therapy. I feel more willing to tackle challenges head on, whether in school, socially, or in my artistic endeavours.
– Noah

Maddy #2

Art therapy with Maddy has given me the ability to focus and enjoy being creative. I can paint what I feel and gives me the permission to express how I feel in a safe and positive environment. This has been life changing for me and I am able to feel good about myself. I am also able to be present in my own body, which has not happened before. Sometimes it’s hard for me to speak, so doing art therapy has given me a voice.